Other Materials used by Jacobs Joinery: Flame Retardant MDF

medite flame retardant mdf

The flame retardant MDF panels used by Jacobs Joinery are panels that have been developed by Medite for use in situations where Euro Class B or Euro Class C flame retardant boards are required by pertinent building regulations.

Such panels are suitable for wall linings, partitions, display panels and ceilings and are typically used for internal bespoke joinery in hotel foyers, public libraries, schools, offices and cinemas. They are not suitable for external structures or in situations where exposure to water or high humidity may be encountered.

Medite flame retardant panels are easily distinguished from conventional MDF panels by their pink identification colour. The panels can be painted, though of course, only with flame retardant paints which will not compromise the panel’s flame retardant properties.

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