Other Materials used by Jacobs Joinery: Tricoya MDF


Many of the benefits observed in solid acetylated wood, including enhanced dimensional stability and durability and fungal resistance hold true for Medite Tricoya.

Medite Tricoya is also made using a high performance resin which is also zero added formaldehyde, making the product not only exceeding EU E1 but also CARB2 compliant.

BBA Assessment: As from June 2012 the British Board of Agrément has concluded that Medite Tricoya is satisfactory for internal and external use as a non-structural general wood based product. It is considered that this could form the basis of an assessment leading to the award of an Agrément Certificate after full commercial production is established. BBA Assessment number M2/49109.

The functionality and versatility of wood-based composite panels give them universal appeal. When properties such as high strength, light weight, good insulation, excellent machinability and ease in use are required, Medite MDF is the ideal choice for many applications.

Although Medite MDF (in its various types) is widely used as a building material, it naturally has some shortcomings. Notably, dry wood is inclined to swell and shrink in response to changes in moisture in the atmosphere. Wood is also susceptible to degradation due to attack by microorganisms, like fungi, and is not therefore naturally durable.

These shortcomings have limited the use of solid wood and even Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF in some applications. Poor durability and dimensional stability will, for example, cause wood panels to crack and delaminate over time. The good news is that Medite Tricoya has been demonstrated to have superior dimensional stability and durability, even in changing weather conditions, meaning it may now be used in situations and applications where normal MDF panels cannot.

Research with Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI), in Germany concludes that the performance of Medite Tricoya is so outstanding that it will allow it to be used in applications that have not previously been possible. Extensive performance testing has been carried out by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK. BRE concluded that Medite Tricoya would carry a durability class (under EN350-2) of 1, or very durable this durability is equivalent to teak and more durable than oak. It also measured the creep and duration performance as well as it’s resistance to weathering. Sweden's SP Wood Technology has also tested the product's ability to resist wood destroying basidiomycetes (white and brown rot).

Source: www.meditetricoya.com

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