Powder Monkey Brewing Bespoke Taphouse Fitting

We were privileged to be tasked with the complete fitting of Powder Monkey Brewing’s new taphouse, located at The Explosion Museum in Gosport. Since appearing on the craft beer scene with a bang, Powder Monkey have gained a reputation for brewing a range of excellent beers - indeed, rumour has it The Royal Navy keep their ships and submarines well stocked with Powder Monkey brews. Their first bar, operating out of their brewery, has been a huge success so it was only a matter of time before they expanded and they found the perfect location right across the road at The Explosion Museum.

Powder Monkey got in touch with the team here at Jacobs Joinery confident in the knowledge that they’d receive a truly premium bespoke joinery service, and we were more than happy to get involved in the project.

The idea was a taproom featuring a prominent nautical themed bar, alongside back bar units with an industrial aesthetic to match the other buildings in the area. After receiving the initial design from the architect, we spent some time progressing the designs and plans to make sure they were workable, before getting the go-ahead from the Powder Monkey team.

We manufactured the bar from scratch in our workshop, using a gorgeous American White Ash for the work surface and stained softwood for the lower parts. For the design of the bar, we really embraced the nautical theme, with the ends shaped to have the appearance of a ship’s bow and stern. The original wooden floorboards, sanded and prepared by Jacobs Construction, and bespoke tables created using repurposed barrels add to the nautical feel of the space.

The entire taphouse excels in both appearance and functionality, with features such as removable blackboards and a custom-made wine rack incorporated into the design. All materials were sustainably sourced to ensure the project was as environmentally-friendly as possible.

You can view the images below which cover the process of the project, from the creation of the bespoke fittings to the final product. Due to the age of the building nothing was quite square or level which caused a few difficulties throughout, however, as always our expert team rose to the challenge and we’re sure you’ll agree that the results are stunning.

We wish the Powder Monkey crew all the best with their new premises - if you are in Gosport, make sure to pop in and try their fantastic brews!

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